Tuesday, 7 August 2007

MyTeam 2 v Indonesia

Get this right, we are no fans of Son-in-Law, but if he can change the state of the football in this country, go ahead by all means. Country before personal feelings we say. At the end of the day, results on the fields matter (somehow we feel we might regret saying this now). And the performance of UPB-MyTeam in the Premier League makes his report card all nice and pretty. UPB-MyTeam finished second in the league, with the second best defensive record (only 16 goals conceeded) and second best strike-rate (29 goals scored).

BUT that won't change the fact that BorakBola still consider the current MyTeam2 selections as a big, publicity-sponge, circus show. Sorry Jason Lo, we like you as a person, football player, DJ and musician but what is MyTeam2 trying to prove again this time?

Those of you who spent time in Mars during the previous MyTeam incarnation can read all about MyTeam here

When we were in Jakarta for the AFC Asian Cup finals two weeks ago, we managed to speak to the technical staff of the Indonesian National Team and we asked whether they were really coming to Malaysia to play MyTeam2 (as ads on TV were already promoting the match) but they said they received no such notice from the management yet. We supposed at that time, negotiations were still in progress.

Yesterday Jason Lo announced that 'in principle', the management of the Timnas, PSSI (Persatuan Sepakbola Seluruh Indonesia) has agreed to send a full squad to play in the 'friendly' against Circus Team MyTeam 2.

The match will be on 21 October 2007 at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil.


penyelaras said...

Hi borakbola,

SIL as a politician has not endeared himself to the public. SIL as a football official too has come under a lot of flak.
But consider this, SIL can arm twist his people into giving something to FAM. FAM is in need of not only cash injection but also strong leadership which SIL can provide.

kakilanyak said...

MyTeam is just a platform for individuals with vested interests, no?

Well, they can claim the idea was supposedly to create another selection process which can be deemed as fair and on merit but how many of those who played in the game last year became a member of the premier league outfit?

I've nothing against KJ and his friends. In fact perhaps we should give him a chance to kick some ass in FAM. he's bright, articulate and brash maybe, but he could be the one to offer a fresh perspective to FAM.