Thursday, 9 August 2007

Update: Merdeka Invitational - Lesotho and Zimbabwe Pulls Out

Lesotho and Zimbabwe confirmed on the last day for the deadline to submit the players list that they WOULD NOT be able to participate in the upcoming 39th Merdeka Invitational Tournament.

According to FAM, both countries were unable to provide the teams due to flight and visa problems.

This means, the total number of teams that will now play in the tournament will be just six teams instead of eight. As such, changes had to be made to the groupings which now sees Malaysia in Group A alongside holders Myanmar and Laos while Group B will be consist of Bangladesh, Singapore and Indonesia.

Earlier, Thailand also declined to participate in the tournament which will run from 19 August to 29 August.


Hakim Amir said...

boring nyer this merdeka tournament these days....
blame those inept individuals in FAM for not doing their job right!! tak reti nak market the tournament, tak reti buat plan/organize the invitees list...ishh stooopids! every year pegi Soccerex (soccer expos) overseas buat aper? pegi cuti??

We used to get colourful names like Morocco, Senegal, Ghana, Santa Catarina selection from Brazil, New Zealand, Slovakia, clubs from Czech Rep etc for the Merdeka Tournament..

I strongly believe that FAM has lost respect towards this tournament... sayang sekali

Hakim Amir said...

another trivia info (that I just found out after browsing very old Dunia Sukan magazines in the national library)....

Argentina was champion of Pestabola Merdeka back in 1983! Back then they sent in their junior team.. yup as i said earlier, this used to be the most happening tournament in the whole of Asia!!

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